Friday, September 21, 2007

Town Politics

Have been extremely busy with school and life in general. My weekends are spent trying to catch up on housework, study for upcoming tests, watching a little football and if there is any time left over...I relax. The deadline for filing for graduation this semester is Oct 5(got to take care of that). I'm trying to decide whether to go back and work towards a 2nd associate degree or try for a certification in genealogy. Hanceville has been in the news alot lately. Our Mayor and Fire Dept. are having issues. My opinion is that there is too much politics and not enough people who have the town's best interest in mind doing their job to make it a better place. That has been the case long before this latest incident. Personally I'd like to see a revival of the downtown area here in Hanceville. Renovating the buildings and drawing businesses into the area would be a step in the right direction and perhaps a small farmers market.