Monday, December 08, 2008

The Holidays

Well we are half way through the holidays. We have had our tree up since the week before Thanksgiving at Brittany's insistence. I have to admit, I've really enjoyed the tree this yr. I have gotten "inspired" looking at it and made about half a dozen ornaments for it in between studying for finals and finishing up projects.

We had a great Thanksgiving even though I didn't get to go home and see my parents this year. I baked a turkey(12 lb) and made dressing. A pretty full day. Ate here...then ate at Brit's Grandparents. My Titan's won too(always a plus).

I've got Finals this week. Much of today will be devoted to studying for my Algebra Final. I still have one more Visual Basic class although I've finished my last project and submitted it. We are working on an inclass project and I'm not sure that we have the class time to finish it but I guess we shall see.

I've still got to shop for Jim and Brit and also need to make an appointment at the hairstylist ASAP(It's way past my needed cut and color time). Brit finished her Project on the Colonies(she picked NC) and turned it in on Friday. I would imagine that it will be graded some time this week. Anxious to see how she did. She worked really hard on it.