Sunday, March 25, 2007

Spring has sprung!!

My yearly test came back atypical so I have to have a colpo. Not looking forward to that but am looking forward to getting it over with. It's scheduled for April 2nd. Brittany and I went to the park Saturday. She fed the ducks and played on the swings there. A boy that is in her class was also there fishing with his mom and we spent some time talking to them. Her Birthday is coming up soon. Jim and I fixed landscaping timbers around the flowerbeds at Apt 1. Still need to secure the timbers better but is a vast improvement. I will try to post some pics on my garden blog. The Summer class schedule is online at WSCC and I've decided which classes I need to take. They will both be online classes. I am hoping the budget will allow me to take them so I won't have such a load in the fall(when I hope to graduate).

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