Wednesday, August 08, 2007

My Summer Semester Ends, Brittany's School yr begins...

We have really been busy. Now that it's too hot to do much I can catch up on blogging. I got my grades back for my summer semester classes. I made A's in both of the classes(Advertising & Sales Promotion, Office Graphics & Presentation). I got my books for the fall semester and won't have anything to be done before classes begin on Aug 17th. Brittany's classes start tomorrow. I went to her open house last night and met her teachers. She will be changing classes so she has about 4 different teachers. She also has a locker this year so I wrote a check for that and got that taken care of. They will assign them tomorrow. Her bus will be the same as last year at least the same route and driver however they got a new bus and bus #. She seems pretty excited about school. Also one of the girls who was in her Kindergarten class is in her room this year. I've been working with my resume and looking at jobs so I should have that down pretty good by the time I graduate in December.

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