Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Had a great weekend with my daughter. Amanda(a friend that I worked with at WallyWorld) and I went along with my daughter to the Day in the Park Event at Heritage Park in Cullman this past Saturday. While the grass was holding alot of water and it made things a little messy we still had a great time. Brittany went to the face painting booth and got a large red heart painted on her right cheek. We also found her a book and some Highlights Mags in the yard sale portion of the Park. Talk about excited she was overjoyed at finding of her favorite things. We stopped and got drinks and some popcorn and Amanda surprised Brittany by getting Brittany one of those Superman inflatables that wasn't much shorter than Brittany herself. After we had some drinks and popcorn we went to see the car show event which they had out by the side of the park that is closest to Woodland. I was amazed at the number of orange cars. Orange is Brittany's favorite color. She saw some puppies and it took some convincing on my part that she didn't really "have" to have one. Brittany went on the Train Ride, thru Noah's Ark, Jonah & the Whale and the obstacle course portions of the kids events. After leaving the park we went for lunch at Burger King and then did some shopping at Walmart. Brittany came away from the shopping experience with a Superman shirt and a Superman DVD. What a spoiled kid...but a lovable one Sunday morning I attended Sunday School and Worship service with her and her paternal grandparents at 7th St Baptist. It was a really nice weekend.

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