Thursday, May 04, 2006

Tonight's The Office Episode, Idol Results and Day in the Park

Well Tonight's The Office episode was great as usual. I am really nervous about Jim putting in for a transfer. At least I think that's what he did. From the previews I couldn't really tell for sure. Maybe it's just what the writers want us to think. Season Finale is next Thurs. will post more on my thoughts on the show then. Paris left American Idol Wed. as she had the least amount of votes. I was really nervous for Elliott. He is my favorite. I honestly thought he did a better version of Home than Michael Buble's live version on AOL. I think that is one thing that people tend to forget--the people we hear on records have the benefit of editing and being in a studio. It is seldom that artist's live performance is the same as what we hear on records. To compare the contestants to a recorded version we are used to hearing really isn't fair but I'm sure that's not the only thing in life that isn't fair. The four remaining contestants on Idol are all good. Each pretty much has a different genre as well so it should be interesting. Saturday Brittany and I will hopefully be going to Day in the Park at Heritage Park. I have plenty of sunscreen as well as aftersun gel and lotion. I hope she wll have a great time. I believe they are having games, car show and a few other things. Should be a good day hopefully if the weather is good. Right now they are calling for partly cloudy hi 77 low 61. of course that could also be partly sunny depending on how you look at it. Still haven't heard back from the place I had the job interview at on Monday.

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